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Sexy ass whore


From time to time, I will be sharing my sexual experience with each client with you, not in chronological order, though.

They are mostly Sexy ass whore, sexual pictures that aim to attract guys. My rates are also posted there Sexy ass whore my methods and rules.

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Why am I sharing my stories? Well, will you believe me if I said I simply want to entertain you? I hope you do because that is all this is all about.

X is in his 50's. Sure, he sported that popular Yoruba older man belly pudge, otherwise, he looked pretty okay. We agreed on the hotel we will meet at, and the time of our meeting. I Sexy ass whore prefer to head to the hotel room first and have my clients meet me there. I wanted to make sure I had time to prepare. I can take a shower, change into something sexy, or set up my props if my client was into that. When I opened the Sexy ass whore, Mr X greeted me with a smile.

He entered inside and proceeded to take off his clothes.

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I loved clients who did not dilly dally. Showing my Oga what he's missing. Part of my methods is to make sure the guy paid into a bank account before the meeting. I did encounter a few men that were sceptical. I walked up to Mr X to help him undress. His kisses were sloppy but I had learned to get used to it. He nibbled weirdly at my neck and asked me to lay down. He was into pussy eating one of those things we discussed Sexy ass whore meetingso I was not surprised when he headed straight down there.

Mehn, what the man lacked when it came to mouth kissing, he more than made up for during pussy eating. He went to town on that cunt. He teased, licked and gently sucked away on my clit till I just about went wild. It was rare, in my line of work, to Sexy ass whore a guy who ate pussy well Sexy ass whore I simply relaxed and enjoyed. He ate me for almost 20 minutes straight, leaving my pussy dripping uncontrollably. By the time the fucking began, I was more than ready. He lifted my Sexy ass whore over "Sexy ass whore" shoulders, sat on knees and began to enter me.

His Sexy ass whore was already hard and throbbing when he entered that I figured orgasm was imminent. Forty minutes later, my man was still thrusting happily into me. He turned me over on hands and knees and entered me from behind.

He alternated between deep, fast thrusts and gentle ones. He was sweating and moaning and having the best time while I was wondering how much longer he will be. At the one-hour mark, I was the one doing the fucking.

I squatted on his dick and gave it all I had, hoping my bouncy boobs and gyrating hips will push him over that line. An hour, and a half after, we were still on it.

This time, we were standing. I was leaning against the bed, bent over while he entered me from behind. His grunts and groans were still so enthusiastic that I was sure he was not even noticing the time. His hands on my hips were sweaty as his fingers dug into my ass. I held on to my boobs and teased my nipples so I stayed wet for him. I soon began to stroke my clit as he fucked me. I felt the pleasure and tried to get back into the game. It was a little bit after the 2-hour mark that he finally started to get there.

We were back to missionary, my legs were far apart Sexy ass whore his thrusts were getting more urgent. His moans were louder and breathing was faster.

With each thrust, he Sexy ass whore against my pelvis, hitting my sweet spot and making me feel really good. I tightened my pussy around him to encourage him as he finally came deep inside my pussy. Read more of Lola Phillips' erotic stories here.

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Girl On Girl [Erotic Photos] These 20 sexy pictures of women pleasing each other will blow your mind. Hand Jobs 10 awesome tips for making him cum with just your hands. My name is Nene and I am a prostitute in Nigeria. I work for myself and by myself.

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Sexy ass whore I have a website where a lot of my pictures are posted. Today, I will be sharing my experience with a guy I shall call Mr. Showing my Oga what he's missing Part of my methods is to make sure the guy paid into a bank account before the meeting. At that moment, I understood why his wife Sexy ass whore fucking him several years ago.

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