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Dating advice from red and blue

Hot Nude Dating advice from red and blue.

The point that should be taken here is that if you read dating advice or advice on life in general from the fem-centric media, it's likely you will have more success doing exactly the opposite of what was suggested.

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The lesson I'm learning from you is "Men don't give a damn about women feeling comfortable or safe as long as sometimes women will have sex with them. How many women have summarily dismissed or humiliated a dude who has tried to start a conversation with them because the lady found the gentleman unattractive? If women are abandoning the gender role of feminine graciousness on their part, why the hell should men continue to cater to their insecurities as a part of OUR "out-dated" gender roles?

Women should be courteous to men, but men should extend that same courtesy to women. I'm not condoning humiliating men.

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Everyone should treat one another with respect and graciousness. Men and women should give a damn about the people around them feeling comfortable just because they're people.

Anon, you're drawing the wrong lesson from this. First, discomfort with male sexuality is a personal failing in a woman. The mere fact that a man wants to bang you is no reason to get upset.

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Conjuring up boogeymen of potential rapists and kidnappers and whatnot is acceptable only if you also consider it equally acceptable to cross the street to avoid black people - or rather, since we're talking about men silencing themselves rather than even attempt an approach, to mandate that blacks preemptively cross the street to avoid discomfiting whites.

If you want to treat male sexuality as a priori evil, that's your problem, not ours. This leads into the other point - that it is incumbent on adults in public to have a certain minimal tolerance for others around them.

You don't get to live in a bubble free from all interference. The world is sometimes uncomfortable. Men should be expected to leave when asked, but at the same time, in order to fulfill their own needs men must be able to approach. Some men are bad at this, simply through inexperience or fear.

Is it now wrong to be inexperienced or anxious? You are, of course, free to approach men as well, just as they're free to refuse your advances.

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We both know that's not how it will ever work, but still, the option exists. Truth is, men don't want women to be uncomfortable. That leaves us two options - never, ever approach that is, repress our own natural masculinity to protect you lot of delicate flowers or gain experience until we're good enough to approach well. It's a skill like any other, and the vast majority of guys can't just make a perfect move in the perfect moment without some practice beforehand.

The rules against approaching, touching, complimenting, or whatever else don't apply if the woman is actually enjoying it "Be handsome, be attractive, don't be unattractive". So all of us men have to go through the motions, put in our time practicing, and eventually get good.

Occasional, uncomfortable moments with the inexperienced is the price women must pay to experience good approaches later. Unless, of course, you would rather men just be Dating advice from red and blue geldings who never make a move or ask you out.