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I have no desire to date anyone


By flingem, February 18, in Questions about Asexuality. I'm 25 so not to old but I have never had a girlfriend relationship wise while both brothers go in and out constantly needing a partner my two roommates also desire relationships one more heavily than the other. I'm curious why I have no desire to date anyone don't behave in the same way, maybe I'm not normal or maybe I don't know what is normal.

I have had neighborhood girls as friends and at the age of 11 had sex with one in her room with her mom in the house.

The next girl would be at age 17 when I took advantage of a girl in summer jym who had a crush on me. This is the start of a trend because I had sex in the park when we should have been walking the paths for jym. The next summer I found a girl who was into me at work at amusement park and had sex at work on the abandoned side of the park.

The last time I was 19 and going to collage talked to her after class allot and I knew she had a boyfriend but unlike me before I still went for it and got her in the back seat of my car in the school parking lot. So only 4 times, i'm not proud of any of them and i have never told anyone even my parents.

I don't know why my interest level is so low to not even talk to girls anymore. I'm not gay I don't really know how much I like sex because most of the memorys are gone.

I have no desire to date anyone get the craving for intimacy but after about a week it goes away and the little motivation to go to bars and see what I can get is gone. It's depressing to think I'm weird but I never gave dating a shot so what do I really know. It looks easy to everyone around me though.

What you seem to de describing is Aromanticism, the lack "I have no desire to date anyone" desire for romantic partnership - which is exclusive from sexual attraction.

Some people choose not to...

Thanks that does sound allot like me. I don't even like friendships very much with either sex I'm quite happy being alone. As long as there is a internet connection for porn in my life, daily masterbating keeps my sex drive at bay so im not a perv in public with explosive rage issues. All too often people assume whatever is normal, is good and is what should be done even if its to their detriment.

Personally I don't see why you should feel guilt for any of those times you had sex, in my opinion you didn't do anything wrong. The only "normal" that should enter your life is "is this normal for me? Never let anyone tell you you are wrong for I have no desire to date anyone being part of society's construct of what normal is. Whatever you decide, know you are perfect just the way you are.

What I've never seen anyone...

I feel guilty leading them on for a couple hours till I get sex or not and then leave to "I have no desire to date anyone" be heard of again. I'm only interested in the sex part and if I can find women in my area who want the same thing I would be happy. It just seems unlikely and I am only interested the first time.

I just don't think there are women in my age group who live around me that want nothing more than sex. My normal does not match them and will leave me at home watching TV and masterbating to porn every night till I die. I agree normal is subjective but it does not help. If that means I don't like I have no desire to date anyone bonds then yeah sounds like me. It has not been to bad of a life could be worse and understanding who I have been should help. How it helps I don't really know but it explains past actions and maybe I can force my way out of those reactions with the knowledge or wait till my 40s when my life should change for the better.

I really have a funny state of mind where I can crave sex but dislike faking an emotional connection. I hate admitting that I have an emotional disconnect from other people. I better stick to porn or I might get a VD having sex with strangers. There's definitely girls like you out there! It is hard to find them but I'm sure you don't have to wait till you're in your 50s. You don't have to feel bad about who you are, and you don't need explanations for what you've done. So would a non asexual be welcome in the forums?

Especially as I'd be hard pressed to think of another half-ways active place where to seriously discuss aromanticism, off the top of my head I bet the women with my personality are prostitutes no emotions only physical. I wouldn't want a partner to deal with me seems like they would not be fulfilled with what limited emotional connection I have no desire to date anyone can provide. Plus the fear of a clinging relationship and how I might react is a big reason I have never tryed.

I basically assume that I'm a selfish person who does not deserve a girlfriend. On the plus side I can use the money I could have wasted on I have no desire to date anyone and buy myself some cool gadgets and hobbies.

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You understand yourself, that's not something to be ashamed of. I have several friends who are around the same age as you and they pretty much feel the same way about relationships as you do. They do the occasional hook-up but they very rarely see a woman more than once.

I have no idea if they ever want a full relationship or not. I just wanted to give you an example because you aren't alone in how you feel. I feel like I have to make a small counterpoint in the interest of openness and honesty. If you someday I have no desire to date anyone like moving to a different kind of relationship and that your emotional disconnect is getting in your way, then you may at that point want to consider seeing a psychiatrist.

If that never happens and your lifestyle satisfies you then that is a valid choice for yourself too. I am emotionally fine but sexualy unsatisfied. I assumed it was a normal male trait, my cuz is emotionaly needy always bugs me when I'm watching TV to try and talk with me.

Anyone who's dating or in...

He spends hours of each day talking to a girlfriend and feels torn when there is no people to talk to. My narrow mind assumed I don't feel that way he must think like a girl more than a man I can go weeks without human contact or conversation why can't he. He told me to try POF so I made an account I have no desire to date anyone tryed to reach out to the females but only a hello get no response.

The few girls I got response from don't "I have no desire to date anyone" much and then I have nothing to say so it ends. After a month I canceled the account last week and wondered why I didn't care.

If you have a relationship you can get sex so if that's what I want I need a relationship but my interest is microscopic. It opened my eyes I have no desire to date anyone saying I have no desire to date anyone he is more normal than I am if there are millions on websites looking for the same thing as him and all I see is a bunch of people I would like to have sex with but don't want to talk to. I am unsatisfied though but have very little motivation to resolve.

I don't think I should date anyone in my mind but my pecker says otherwise. I feel like those scumbag guys only interested in sex and break girls hearts and it is at least half true. I don't think I break hearts if I do they were to weak to be around me.

I made an account on adultfriendfinder to see if a hookup site was more for me than a dating one but i dont know if acounts are real and the I have no desire to date anyone user base is late 30s to Most of the users cybersex in chatrooms and i cant get into it i feel emotionaly separated from the words on a screen I required physical action not implied action.

I have been very confused why i feel the need to go get someone when a few hours after i wont desire it anymore and become anoyed. Maybe prostitution will return and hopfuly i could afford to go every now and then so i dont feel this way and i dont I have no desire to date anyone to take advantage of an unknowing girl when the only thing i need is sex the rest is just anoying and makes me feel horable.

I wish I knew of anything that could help you but this is way outside of my experiences. If the way you feel is making you unhappy then I would suggest counseling instead of therapy if that's an option for you.

I know a lot of people see counseling as one step down from therapy but it really isn't. I'm sorry if that steps on your toes but I really am trying to help.

No worries all responses are welcome by me. The emotional disconnect applies to web forums as it does with the rest of my life. I thought about seeing a quack but don't think I'll walk away feeling better. I have been to plenty of counslers and phycotharapists however that's spelled over times in grade school paid by my parents for being manic depressive but that never helped the meds don't help either. I am just who i am and i have to live with that.

I'm not too knowledgeable on the subject but would it be possible to find a "friend with benefits"? I may have read your post wrong but it seems like you want a friend that you can have sex with but after not have any emotional attachment because you don't feel you are attached to them and you wouldn't want to lead them on. I am just wondering if a friend with benefit would be what you are describing I may be confused and if I am please forgive me.

I would be willing to try that if someone female comes into my life that wants the same. I don't think its going to ever happen. Friendships are taxing also just depends on the female and a sanario that's 1 in 1, If it feels normal to you, then it is absolutely fine not to want a relationship. I'm the same age as you and no desires of any kind. I am intelligencualy empathetic though I have been developing that skill for a long time now.

I might not be the best but I am better than I was as a kid. I thought friends with benefits was the dream for guys a true strictly friends where everything could end tomarow no resentment, no hurt feelings, no need for future contact but if presented will still be an option.

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If you see an old topic that you wish to discuss, please create a new thread. Questions about Asexuality Search In. Help fund AVEN's servers! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Is it normal to have no desire for a relationship? Posted February 18, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. You might be aromantic, have you looked I have no desire to date anyone that? I thought I have no desire to date anyone had a great first date?

The desire for a kind and loving life partner tops the list of men's dreams as well (although they may not talk about it as. More and more, my friends express no desire to find a relationship. A big problem is that they feel the need to date up, date someone with.

It comes up right after “How's work?” and “Where have you travelled to lately?” Me: “No one.” Them: “Oh, you'll find someone.” Me: “But I'm not.

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